Picture by Quentin DM

Picture by Quentin DM


Belgian metal band Anwynn’s sound builds itself on a solid ground of symphonic death metal.

Tight riffs support a vocal duo of melodic vocals and growls, and powerful orchestrations build the bridge between symphony and metal.

Now in the final stages of a new album loaded with death metal and massive orchestrations, the band is preparing to deliver by far their most effective and piercing album. 10 songs and 2 video clips have already been recorded - the rest is just around the corner.

Their most recent single, a symphonic cover of Machine Head’s “Now I Lay Thee Down” (2018), marks the first step of an evolution towards a much heavier sound and darker look. So well, in fact, that it was noticed by Machine Head themselves!

Having started off as a dynamic live act wearing kilts and drinking from horns, Anwynn released “Forbidden Songs” (2012) and “Swords & Blood” (2015). They went on to perform for crowds at Durbuy Rock Festival (2018), Botanique (2017), Frietrock (2018) and Metal Female Voices Festival (2012) and open for bands such as Battle Beast, Dagoba, Nervosa, Eluveitie, Therion, Enslaved.
A live DVD (2017) captures the indubitable energy flowing between band and crowd.

Official music video for "Swords & Blood" (2015), directed by Sébastien Rombout.

Today, Anwynn have become a multi-influenced, modern-sounding and –looking metal band that will have you torn between singing along and banging your head.