Graspop 2019

For the third year in a row, I have been lucky to be present at Graspop as photographer for the magazine Rock Hard France. The report we did will be released this fall.

But I can not wait to share already with you some pictures with a different editorial approach inspired by the work of Ross Halfin and Paul Harries. Hope you will enjoy it. Please comment, share, whatever but something :-)

Randy Blythe- Lamb Of God

Jason Aalon Butler - Fever 333

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie

Lawrence Taylor - While She Sleeps

Franky Perez - Deadland Ritual

Riley Gale - PowerTrip


Amenra, In Theatrum Denonium (FR) 02/03

Colin H. van Eeckhout, Mathieu Vandekerckhove and their friends crossed the border that night to kick our asses in Denain, France.

Until today, I only had the chance to see Amenra once during the GMM17. This was one of the best live experience I got the chance to see. Amenra in an old theatre? Man every night if you like…

Great show but still a pain in the ass to photograph. I did what I could to bring this back for you.


Kvelertak, AB 09/02

Oh boy taking those pictures wasn’t easy. Oh boy that show was intense. I hope you would still like what I bring back home. Comments appreciated!


Mastodon, AB 09/02

Mastodon is one my all time favorite band. I realized a dream when I had the chance to photography them during Graspop 2017. But I wasn’t excited about the pictures results. I must say that It was one of my first concert photos since (many) years… but this moment remains still the best memory of my “career” as photographer (this got me to get tattooed…).

Nevermind, last Saturday I got the chance to photography Brent Hinds and his friends again, this time in AB. And here are the pictures I bring back for you.

mastodon_bxhell_0209-6_ BillKelliher.jpg

Sorry Brann Dailor I could not get any picture of you… Stop hiding behind your drums :-p.

My next big photo moment with those guys, would be if I could take a band portrait. If that happen I get a big chest tattoo :-).

My 2018 in pictures

2018 was for me the confirmation of my love for live music pictures. I completely stopped it for years and I went back to that field in 2017 when I was asked to cover the GMM for Rock Hard France. 2018 was also the year where I did a promo shoot with my friends from The Guardians. My only promo shoot of the year. Would love to do more of them…

So here are my favorite shots of 2018:

On the video side, there is no sense to talk about “my best of” as I signed only two projects in the music field.

This was 2018 for me, I’m curious to see what 2019 will bring. It already started with a band promo shoot for Anwynn, last week-end. You will have to wait to see the result, I’m afraid.

My only goal for 2019 is to continue to shoot great live artists and do more promo shoot (One band in one year is just not enough for me). Any advice to shot more band promo? Any bands that you should recommend my work to?

The Vintage Caravan, AB-Club,16/11/18

Don’t believe shooting the Vintage Caravan is made easy thanks to the energy of the 3 vintage guys. Hell no. 

 Óskar Logi Ágústsson is a fuzzy little bird difficult to catch. In addition of that, the light ramp was very low.

But boy, when you get that front man sharp in focus and right in the frame, it deserve the effort. Óskar Logi Ágústsson is full of energy and has an endless face expressions.

I struggled to take those pictures, I hope you will enjoy it. You can found the full pictures report on the Brother in Raw website. 



Navarone, AB-Club, Brussels, 16/11/18

A few years ago I got the opportunity to shoot half-naked girls #clickbait for the Belgian american football league with John. He called me again this time to collaborate with and do a photo report of the Vintage Caravan playing in the AB-Club.

If you are still wondering why this article is titled “Navarone show” but instead talk about half-naked girls or the Vintage Caravan, that’s totally ok.

The smartest ones of you will simply get that Navarone was opening the show for the Vintage Caravane. And here are the pictures you are waiting for.

Full report can be found on Brothers in Raw.



A new chapter, taking a new angle

Since a few month I was creatively frustrated. I needed to create more. More often but also create something bigger.

 Processed with VSCO with b5 preset


A project was continually hitting my mind. It was a short movie story that I developed over the years. This project started to be personal. Very personal. The kind of project that happen once in a life time. So I wanted to make it greater. I realized to make it right I could not do it on my own. I needed a crew, money for the production and a lot of available time.

I didn’t had anything of those three ressources. I was turning in circles like the lion in his cage. I needed to escape. So when I’m facing this kind of situation I know that I can solve it only if I take an other point of view. It is my only way out.

So... I decided to write a book! Go big or go home. Writing a story in the format of a romance / novel is on my “to do one day in my life” checklist. I could write the story of my short movie as a book first, going forward and why not making a short movie out of it later. But at least this story will goes out of my mind.  

I’m writing it on my phone mostly during transition to my work in the metro.  

I have shared the two first chapters on Wattpad. If you want to read them and give me some feedback I would really appreciate (It’s in French, English translation will come when I will have became a famous novelist).

Thank you for reading. I encourage you to find new points of view when you will be stuck into a situation. You can’t imagine how better do I feel now. I need to go writing my next chapter but I can’t wait to read your comments ;-)

Why you do not have any talent

Talent is a myth. Talent is an excuse. Talent is a curse.

To my opinion, reaching success is like getting a six on a dice. A very few people will throw one dice once and succeed. When most of the people will throw a few dices and fail. Then quit, believing they do not have any talent. 


What a fate. Talent is a lie. 

Most of the successful people throw as many dice as they can, until they finally succeed. 

Their experience, awareness and revenues give them now the opportunity to throw more dice per play.  

In comparison unsuccessfull people have the feeling to have no talent. 


But I have to admit that it is true: we are not born equal. Some people have the chance to throw 3 dices on the very first time when people will need to throw 3 times a dice to get as many chance.

Success ask work, perseverance and a pinch of luck. 

Luckily, I don’t have any talent. Instead I’m curious, patient and obstinate.

We should have no resilience for failure. Going back to our feet and throw the dice one more time. 

And over again.  

This is what I’m repeating to myself when I don’t reach the goals I have settle to myself.  

Maybe I should sometimes be satisfied with a 4 or a 5. But for now, I can’t.  


And you, what do you do to motivate yourself when you did not succeed? Let’s start a conversation in the comments below ;-). 

This terrible secret drove me to photography

Nope I didn’t woke up once with the idea of becoming a photographer. Nope I never thought it would be my way of life. I never followed a photography class. Coming to photography was a long and complex process far away from an hangover revelation. 


I have to confess something. I’m a geek... Back to 2007, my geekiness was at his apogee. Imagine dude I was a miniatures painter! 

At that time sending pictures of your miniatures on the Internet was the best way to share your passion with real people. There was a big website called “CoolMiniOrNot” where people could rate your work. For me getting a 8 note on coolmini was more important than getting laid. So quickly I needed to improve my painting skills but also... my photography skills! That’s how I heard for the first time about aperture, shutter speed and ISO

A few years later, I graduate from master in Digital Marketing. Starting to work and living in my parents house, made me feel like living like a king. Every month I was spending a serious part of my salary in the electronics goods store nearby. 

Quentin DM canon 450D

The month before getting my own appartement I decided to spend one last bunch of money there. So I went to the last department that I did not visited yet: cameras! So I went out of the store with a brand new Canon 450D.  

This is how I started photography! 

I was like a fish in water. There was so many common points with painting: light, color, composition, storytelling,... but instead of spending 20 hours on a subject I could get something finished within 2 hours.  

I also have to admit that photographer sounds more sexy than miniatures painter ;-).  

My first Live Photos !

As I'm doing some cleaning in my hard drives, I found back my first live pictures. It was Now, Voyager at Magasin 4, Brussels in February 2011. Miss you guys!

I was using a Canon 450D with 80mm f2 at that time.

Ghost @ Graspop 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, it's now time to present you the one and only: GHOST. They are stronger than ever on stage. They also have more nameless ghouls than ever...  According to me this band can become as big as a Metallica. Future will tell us. Nevermind I was not really into that band and now I'm non stop listening to "Prequel".


Shining @ Graspop 2018

Shining was an experience of his own kind. This show was one of the most difficult to shoot as it contained all the things a camera dislike: red light, lot of smoke, backlight stroboscopes, ...

I'm glad that the show  was only hurting the photographs, not the photographer. I read reports from previous shows where Justine Timberlake look alike was way more violent with the audience.