There is always a first time...

This was my first band picture.

We Came Bearing Arms, November 2010.

We Came Bearing Arms, November 2010.

And this is my last. 

The Guardians, January 2018.

The Guardians, January 2018.

And this is my very first tattoo. I dedicated it to all the bands I've been working with during those 7 years. Thank you for your trust and for sharing your passion. 

Tattoo by l'Andro Gynette.

I guess all creatives know that mental struggling. This psychic roller-coaster where one day you believe that you have something unique and the other day you can not compare yourself to something else than a piece of shit.

I decided to get my arm inked during a great "photographer moment". While I was simply accomplishing a dream. When I will walk again in some dark times, this tattoo will be always there to guide me and brings me his light. 

This tattoo celebrate some accomplishments. Projects that I had signed, opportunities that I earn. Back to 2010, I would NEVER have imagined this. 

During the time my skin was aggressed by some inky nails, I think to the following bands who gave me their trust: 

  • Silence Is The Enemy (I am almost married with those guys)  
  • Now, Voyager (The first ones to show me that if you have enough trust in your work, you could go anywhere.) 
  • We Came Bearing Arms (The very first band I shot, see above, later we did one of my favorite photo shoot)
  • KomaH (The first band to feature one of my pictures on Dour website ^^)
  • Sourblast (I'm still waiting for my t-shirt !!!)
  • S.H.E.I.D.S (Your music is incredible, please believe in yourself and go the further you can)
  • The Guardians (I also have a love relation with those guys since 2013, even if I would love to have already done more things together) 

But also GojiraMastodon and Rob Zombie. I know there are less chance they are reading this blog post... I took this tattoo decision while photographing their gigs. 

I don't believe this will be the last tattoo I would ever make. The future will bring his own new stories. I hope it will be exciting. 

Last words to my tattoo artist, if she reads me. Thank you for your work and your behavior: authentic & pro. You teach me one more time that good enough, is not. You motivated me to move my ass even more... and to look closer to the work of Roger Ballen :-).