This terrible secret drove me to photography

Nope I didn’t woke up once with the idea of becoming a photographer. Nope I never thought it would be my way of life. I never followed a photography class. Coming to photography was a long and complex process far away from an hangover revelation. 


I have to confess something. I’m a geek... Back to 2007, my geekiness was at his apogee. Imagine dude I was a miniatures painter! 

At that time sending pictures of your miniatures on the Internet was the best way to share your passion with real people. There was a big website called “CoolMiniOrNot” where people could rate your work. For me getting a 8 note on coolmini was more important than getting laid. So quickly I needed to improve my painting skills but also... my photography skills! That’s how I heard for the first time about aperture, shutter speed and ISO

A few years later, I graduate from master in Digital Marketing. Starting to work and living in my parents house, made me feel like living like a king. Every month I was spending a serious part of my salary in the electronics goods store nearby. 

Quentin DM canon 450D

The month before getting my own appartement I decided to spend one last bunch of money there. So I went to the last department that I did not visited yet: cameras! So I went out of the store with a brand new Canon 450D.  

This is how I started photography! 

I was like a fish in water. There was so many common points with painting: light, color, composition, storytelling,... but instead of spending 20 hours on a subject I could get something finished within 2 hours.  

I also have to admit that photographer sounds more sexy than miniatures painter ;-).