A new chapter, taking a new angle

Since a few month I was creatively frustrated. I needed to create more. More often but also create something bigger.

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A project was continually hitting my mind. It was a short movie story that I developed over the years. This project started to be personal. Very personal. The kind of project that happen once in a life time. So I wanted to make it greater. I realized to make it right I could not do it on my own. I needed a crew, money for the production and a lot of available time.

I didn’t had anything of those three ressources. I was turning in circles like the lion in his cage. I needed to escape. So when I’m facing this kind of situation I know that I can solve it only if I take an other point of view. It is my only way out.

So... I decided to write a book! Go big or go home. Writing a story in the format of a romance / novel is on my “to do one day in my life” checklist. I could write the story of my short movie as a book first, going forward and why not making a short movie out of it later. But at least this story will goes out of my mind.  

I’m writing it on my phone mostly during transition to my work in the metro.  

I have shared the two first chapters on Wattpad. If you want to read them and give me some feedback I would really appreciate (It’s in French, English translation will come when I will have became a famous novelist). 


Thank you for reading. I encourage you to find new points of view when you will be stuck into a situation. You can’t imagine how better do I feel now. I need to go writing my next chapter but I can’t wait to read your comments ;-)