Why you do not have any talent

Talent is a myth. Talent is an excuse. Talent is a curse.

To my opinion, reaching success is like getting a six on a dice. A very few people will throw one dice once and succeed. When most of the people will throw a few dices and fail. Then quit, believing they do not have any talent. 


What a fate. Talent is a lie. 

Most of the successful people throw as many dice as they can, until they finally succeed. 

Their experience, awareness and revenues give them now the opportunity to throw more dice per play.  

In comparison unsuccessfull people have the feeling to have no talent. 


But I have to admit that it is true: we are not born equal. Some people have the chance to throw 3 dices on the very first time when people will need to throw 3 times a dice to get as many chance.

Success ask work, perseverance and a pinch of luck. 

Luckily, I don’t have any talent. Instead I’m curious, patient and obstinate.

We should have no resilience for failure. Going back to our feet and throw the dice one more time. 

And over again.  

This is what I’m repeating to myself when I don’t reach the goals I have settle to myself.  

Maybe I should sometimes be satisfied with a 4 or a 5. But for now, I can’t.  


And you, what do you do to motivate yourself when you did not succeed? Let’s start a conversation in the comments below ;-). 

This terrible secret drove me to photography

Nope I didn’t woke up once with the idea of becoming a photographer. Nope I never thought it would be my way of life. I never followed a photography class. Coming to photography was a long and complex process far away from an hangover revelation. 


I have to confess something. I’m a geek... Back to 2007, my geekiness was at his apogee. Imagine dude I was a miniatures painter! 

At that time sending pictures of your miniatures on the Internet was the best way to share your passion with real people. There was a big website called “CoolMiniOrNot” where people could rate your work. For me getting a 8 note on coolmini was more important than getting laid. So quickly I needed to improve my painting skills but also... my photography skills! That’s how I heard for the first time about aperture, shutter speed and ISO

A few years later, I graduate from master in Digital Marketing. Starting to work and living in my parents house, made me feel like living like a king. Every month I was spending a serious part of my salary in the electronics goods store nearby. 

Quentin DM canon 450D

The month before getting my own appartement I decided to spend one last bunch of money there. So I went to the last department that I did not visited yet: cameras! So I went out of the store with a brand new Canon 450D.  

This is how I started photography! 

I was like a fish in water. There was so many common points with painting: light, color, composition, storytelling,... but instead of spending 20 hours on a subject I could get something finished within 2 hours.  

I also have to admit that photographer sounds more sexy than miniatures painter ;-).