My 2018 in pictures

2018 was for me the confirmation of my love for live music pictures. I completely stopped it for years and I went back to that field in 2017 when I was asked to cover the GMM for Rock Hard France. 2018 was also the year where I did a promo shoot with my friends from The Guardians. My only promo shoot of the year. Would love to do more of them…

So here are my favorite shots of 2018:

On the video side, there is no sense to talk about “my best of” as I signed only two projects in the music field.

This was 2018 for me, I’m curious to see what 2019 will bring. It already started with a band promo shoot for Anwynn, last week-end. You will have to wait to see the result, I’m afraid.

My only goal for 2019 is to continue to shoot great live artists and do more promo shoot (One band in one year is just not enough for me). Any advice to shot more band promo? Any bands that you should recommend my work to?